How the prices are so low?
Free Software Foundation permits to everyone to copy and distribute verbatim copies for Inc. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
Subscriptions support us and due to this crowdfunding prices of the products are low.
We do not provide license keys and automatic updates for the products you downloaded.
We are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited.
We do not change the functionality of products and do not fix developer bugs.
How many sites can I use the plugin or theme on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are GPL licenced so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.

Are themes and plugins original?

The products that are accessible on this site are 100% genuine. None of the product files contain any miscellaneous code. We even use them on our site! You can use all the items on your site too without worrying about anything.

How long can I use the downloaded plugins and themes?

You can use them any time you want as soon as you have already downloaded them. There is no restriction on the duration of uses of the downloaded products.

Where can I see the list of latest updates?

A list of the latest updates can be found here – Changelog

How often are new product updates are released?

We usually add new products every day and publish new versions of the existing products. Please note we do not guarantee immediate availability of the latest version. You can contact us if we’ve missed out on updating a product and we’ll try to add the latest version as soon as possible.

Will the purchased product be updated automatically?

If you need to update the product, you must download it from our website and perform the update manually. If you want to receive automatic updates you must purchase the product directly from the developer.
You can go through our guide on how to easily update your products manually – How to Update

Can I request the new version of outdated themes and plugins?

Yes, you can submit us your request and we are pleased to update for you as soon as possible.

How can I manually update the themes and plugins?

You can go through the detailed guide about how to easily update your themes and plugins manually here : How To Update

How can I properly update an already installed product?

The most simple and correct way to update the product is to replace the files of the old version of the product with the new version files. All product settings are saved, as they are stored in the database of the website. The second way is to delete the old version of the product, then download and activate the new version. In this case, the product settings may not be preserved, as in many products when they are removed there is a function to clear settings from the website database. Here it is worth noting an important nuance – sometimes developers are releasing a fundamentally new product update with a change in the structure of files, the structure of storing settings in the database, etc. In this case, the product is accompanied by instructions from the developer to switch to a new version, Update to the current version correctly.

Do you provide the license keys?

We do not sell, lease and approve the licence keys. All the products uploaded on ThemesInsider are licensed under GNU GPL License. If you need automatic update and Support from the developer, you need licence keys.

Is it Legal to use downloaded products without a license key?

Yes, it is legal. All digital products on the website are released under GNU General Public License.

How can I close the warnings regarding update and licence activation?
Please ignore these warnings. Developers request you to register for you to get automatic updates for the plugins and themes. These warnings do not prevent the plugins and themes from running.
You can use this plugin in order to close that warning: Disable Admin Notices Individually
Why are these Plugins/Themes asking me for a licence key?
Please ignore these warnings. Developers request you register and purchase a licence key for you to get updates for the plugins and themes automatically. These warnings do not prevent the plugins and themes from running.
Why do I see 'Licence Activation' and 'Upgrade in accordance with premium' message in YITH plugins? Are these free versions?

As we mentioned before, please ignore these warnings. Your plugins and themes are “PREMIUM” version. Licence is only required for automatic updates and support from the developer.

Is there any guarantee that the products on this website do not contain malicious code, viruses or advertisements?
We provide open source software. You can check by yourself any product downloaded from our website and make sure that our files are downloaded directly from the developers and do not contain malicious code, viruses or ads.
To check the product for malicious code, for example, use the plugins Exploit Scanner, Wordfence, Acunetix WP Security, Sucuri Security, Antivirus, the service VirusTotal or the scanner Aibolit.
Does the downloaded product work exactly the way you want?
Please carefully read the description and features of the product from original website before purchasing it. We do not give any guarantees that the product you purchased will function the way you want.
We do not change the functionality of the products in any way, if you need details about the work or compatibility of the product, please go through the original sales page or contact the developer directly.
The package could not be installed. The themes is missing the Style.css stylesheet.

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This is because the theme download package on ThemeForest includes additional files to the theme such as the documentation, license etc.
Please unpack the zip file and only use the install-able file.

Do you provide support and installation services for these themes/plugins?

Unfortunately we cannot offer support and installation services for plugins / themes. If you require technical support, all the time, we advise that you should purchase the related product directly from the developer or you should hire a freelancer to take a look for you. Alternatively you could ask your queries WordPress community forums.
Not offering support is the way in which we are able to offer the products at the discounted price.